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Daily, our skies are being sprayed by high altitude airliners with substances to dim sunlight in an attempt to reduce global warming. These are not contails which are short and evaporate in a short time. These trails remain and expand all day. The aluminum in this spray is toxic to people and plants and has been shown to be linked to the increase of autistic births. Aluminum is also a fire accellerant that creates its own wind. The McMurray fire has gone from 1500 acres to 458,000 acres in three days. The internet is full of information about chemtrails. We are sending this letter to the Governor, Lt Governon, Attorney General and in-state military commanders and all in-state agencies concerned with forestry and health. Thank you for taking a little time to research this subject and thinking about the health effects on children, Thank you

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Here's my thing. What I have heard, the ringing in my ears, I've experience since I was a child, but I didn't hear it while we were in the noisy state of CA till we moved back to my parents hometown in TN, out in the silent backwoods, no lit up streets, total darkness when lights were turned out. The silence rang in my ears, and it's rang even louder ever since. But now, its more than just a silent ring, it's frequencies of tones mixed with buzzes, hums, roars, grindings, like some major nearby plant that continues run night and day and I live no where near one. There's a pressuring in my head somedays I want to grasp it and run and scream STOP!! and some days I can feel as though impulses are running through me. I don't put my phone to my ear because I don't know how many times I've been shocked by it (I thought I was stung by a bee the first time!) Yesterday, I heard a strange sound, I've never heard. Asked my husband if he heard it. NO, what? I could still hear it! It was like this fast speed clittering chattering like robot bugs in a sci-fi movie. I could hear it as plain as it was in the woods beside me, then it faded away! All this is making me feel trapped inside some sort of make believe matrix of unreal proportions and I cannot even look up to my Maker anymore without seeing their blindfolds crossing Him out! Please don't think I'm crazy, for it's taken a lot of courage to speak. I've read, I've listened, I've watched rainbow clouds for 2 years, chemtrails and things that just don't seem right since my childhood days, like the ramping up of the Lord's coming, but my fear is so many are going to be fooled by the tricks and schemes of these satanic beings! And yea I'm calling it that!!

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Hello Ed, yes, the human race has so far behaved with unimagibable contempt on countless fronts. In spite of this, and indeed because of this, those of us that are awake and trying to sound the alarm must never yield to the apathy of others. We must stand our ground and remain at our posts The forced wake up of the masses will come soon, one way or another. Glad to have you with us in this battle Ed.

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Here is my message to Attorney General of CA:
Dear Attorney General, I am contacting you regarding Geo-Engineering/Chemtrails. I am not an activist by any mean,but I am a concerned Father. I have been doing lots of research on this issue for the the past few months,and it is only getting for terrifying ! This is affecting everybody and every breathing organism under the sky. How in their right mind can the officials authorize to dump billions of gallons of toxic mixture on humanity in hope of possibly helping global warming ??? We ALL are breathing the same air,aren’t we ? They are effecting all of our families and loved one’s health ! I can tell my kids not to eat GMO foods or other foods that are bad for them, but how do I tell them not to breath ? PLEASE HELP ! Let us know what to do to stop this crime against humanity !

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Hey Dennie, It seems to me that predictions of Peak Oil have been going on for many decades when the fact is that there is lots more oil. The other fact is that 'theoretically', we don't want it, not at Any cost, clearly not the way to go. How can we move forward if tied to the past? And why do economies have to be based upon unsustainable, destructive practices? It is the destructive part that is unsustainable, not the lack of stuff. The very greedy, not just corporations but individuals too, as well as politics and militaries do not care about the destructive part. I watched a program on Nova last night, a Koch production but fascinating. A long time ago, oddly, I found myself working in a small jewelry store. At first I was so embarrassed by that I did not tell my extended family! But, I became intrigued by gem stones. Not because I wanted them, but because of where they come from and how. That IS interesting as it deals with various areas of the Earth, what happened when and how in order to make and bring to surface what. The program was very interesting in that regard, but then showed various idiots going to great lengths, even in the US, to dig up the land, blow it up, Whatever! it takes just to see what could be found considered precious. The damage was astounding and it is around the world. Not unlike oil, these nut jobs study past nature events for clues where to look. It is we, the royal we, who decide what is precious and so invest in it, both labor and dollars. It seems to me that this is a matter of redefining what is precious and valuable. I'm not at all sure that our resources are as finite as all keep saying. What is finite is the climate, our atmospheres, and our lives. And that is where the hard part Lies. This is why, in large part, it is so hard to get all to swallow this pill of knowledge. We are shackled by the past, uncertain how to go forward without these old crutches and immorals. It is like some blueprint we are stuck to, knowing no other way and some insisting it has to be This way or else. We need a new blueprint. It is not enough to point out what is wrong. And we can't stop what is wrong without a way to exist minus our ties to the past ways of thinking. I'm calling on all geniuses to come up with a viable new blueprint! That is the only way to stop all this destruction and "starve" out those 1-3% who "feed" off the old fossil ways, and to gain traction to stop geoengineering, and to save what we can, while we can!