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Many of the right pieces seem to be in place for making Hong Kong a sustainability success story: an engaged and educated population, financial success, population density to create economies of scale, and access to advanced and efficient technologies.

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Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s Lam emphasized that addressing these challenges and ensuring sustainable growth will require engagement among the government, private sector, and civil society. But due to changing demographics, Lam said, stakeholder engagement has become contentious, highlighting the question of whether the current model of engagement between government, business, and civil society is achieving the intended benefits.

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As Stossel seeksto pinpoint the reasons behind a nation’s economic success, he tries to isolateone specific cause for Hong Kong’s prosperity. As a result, he ignores a wealthof factors that have allowed independent places such as Hong Kong and theUnited States to continually exceed the economic growth of their counterparts. Whilefreedom is indeed an essential ingredient in maintaining a thriving economy, italone fails to justify the success of an economic and political system of suchmagnitude. A closer examination reveals that Hong Kong was initially forced toindustrialize, partially because of both geography and chance. Such factorshave fueled Hong Kong’s dynamic economy, as its creative adaptation of freewheelingeconomic principles has launched the small province into an era of uninhibited economicgrowth that evidently, continues today.

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That is a cruel fate for a city with a storied past, especially since Britain and the United States guaranteed that its freedoms would be preserved. “America cares about Hong Kong and will continue to care long after this week’s fireworks are finished, the cameras are turned off and the partying is done,” Mrs. Albright said during the handover festivities. And she stressed the extent of America’s commercial interests there, law enforcement cooperation, United States Navy port calls, and the fact that thousands of Americans lived there.

The man behind the Hong Kong miracle

China promised Hong Kong a high degree of autonomy when it negotiated the transfer of sovereignty from Britain and agreed that the economic and political systems would not be changed for 50 years. At that time, the stock market, property prices and foreign investment were rising, and more people were staying in Hong Kong than were leaving. The Hong Kong “of tomorrow must look like the Hong Kong of today,” Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said on the eve of the handover. “That is, a Hong Kong that is free and a Hong Kong in which personal freedoms exist and will not be squeezed out.”

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Britain and the United States have not made Hong Kong enough of a priority in recent years. Meanwhile, China and Mr. Xi, who at last week’s Group of 20 meeting in Germany was angling to replace America as a global leader, have grown more economically and militarily powerful, more committed to repressive ways and less tolerant of places like Hong Kong that aim to set their own path.