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contributor Carol Smaldino recounts a truly holistic experience of food, wine, landscape, and well-formed concepts of a biodynamic vintner near Lucca, Italy. "We were at the Tenuta di Valgiano, with Laura di Collobiano, (owner)... Laura 'had me' at two expressions; actually it was more than that. One was the title of this piece, that 'wine is the liquid expression of the landscape.' The second, equally as important, was, 'It's not money that makes good wine. Wine is the project of a lifetime.' ... In addition, Laura spoke about the use of pesticides. She and others in the field of biodynamic farming see themselves not as 'fighters of disease but as creators of health.' It was fascinating to hear how it can be practical to be healthy, practical to cooperate with other farmers and makers of wine in an atmosphere where people are glad for the variety of products, realizing that no one person or can do or make everything. And it turns out the 70% of agriculture in Lucca is in fact biodynamic, encouraging also." .

Weil, Andrew: A medical doctor who helped popularize  alternative medicine or  in his book, .
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The author suggests that if the term "alternative medicine" is simply used to mean therapies, which can be used to treat ill health, but are not the "standard of care," then the paradigm for practice of alternative medicine is the same as orthodox medicine.

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For example, the effectiveness of natural medicine should be judged based on the accuracy of its theoretical foundations, whereas the effectiveness of alternative medicine cannot be judged as a whole, since it is not a "system of medicine." Only individual, "non-standard" therapies can be studied as part of alternative medicine.

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Homeopathic medicines come in the form of drops or small white pills, which have a slightly sweet taste. The medicines have been diluted and potentised from the source material, which means they are non-toxic and have no colour. Homeopathic medicines are often thought to be 'herbs'. Homeopathic and herbal medicines are quite different, even though the origin of some homeopathic medicines is herbs. The two differ considerably in their prescribing methods and medicine preparation. Homeopathy uses highly diluted medicines, where western and Chinese herbal medicines are made directly from plant substances. Homeopathy offers a specific treatment for each patient's illness, whereas Naturopathy provides the supportive framework for recovery.

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The philosophy of homeopathy is to find a medicine based on the law of similars, or 'what a substance can cause, it can cure'. For example, a homeopathic medicine made from the honeybee is used to treat the symptoms of bee stings and swellings, which resemble beestings.

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The theoretical foundations for homeopathic medicine are too extensive to be reviewed in this manuscript; interested readers are referred to several good publications.4,15 The practice of homeopathic medicine is conducted using a natural medicine paradigm, with the treatment modality always being a homeopathic remedy.