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Home security has been a concern for humans as long as humans have had homes. For example, in medieval times castles were designed with the idea of protection in mind. Security measures involved guards, moats, and castles specifically designed for withstanding an attack or intrusion. These security measures were effective even if they were simplistic and barbaric. While these methods worked in the days of the crusades, they are unrealistic to implement in modern day suburbia, not to mention they wouldn’t pass zoning laws. Technological advances, such as electricity, have paved the way to sophisticated home security that is affordable and effective for the modern family.

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During the late 1970's and the early 1980's another major advance in microchip technology also dramatically improved security cameras. This led to the development of the Charged Coupled Device camera (CCD). This camera was able to record footage in low light and at night.

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Security cameras have quite an interesting, albeit short, history. The first known use some type of security camera can be traced back to about 1965. During this time the police used cameras in order to keep a watchful eye on certain 'key' or important public buildings and locations. With these first security cameras, there was no recording ability at all; that did not come about for a number of years.

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Over time, developments in home security led to a variety of systems consumers could choose from to fit their needs. Aided by improvements in other fields, such as the telephone industry, decreased the time it took for police to respond to alarms. With the advent of the security camera, how the security industry approached the issue of security drastically changed. This new opportunity allowed guards and owners to monitor property from a distance. Businesses could finally protect against thieves and shoplifters who operated during regular business hours, as effectively as they could protect against intruders with their after hours alarms. Private use of security cameras came into common practice later, but they have been used for a multitude of safety purposes. More recently the invention of the internet opened a new frontier of possibilities and it forever changed how the home security industry operated. Notification of intrusion is now instantaneous. Not only has response time improved however, thanks to the internet, homes and businesses can be actively monitored from cellular phones and other remote devices that are widely available and used by the general population.

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I became fascinated with security system technology after this tragedy and along with my best friend Jim Smith and then-girlfriend Lynda, started Smith Thompson in 1978. We've come a long way, and are now the largest independent, full-service alarm company in Texas. We protect thousands of families and businesses in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex, greater Houston area, and San Antonio as well as over 150 other cities and towns in Texas. Lynda, myself and our children, who are now very much involved in the business, are honored that you are considering us to protect your home. Our family is here to serve your family.