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Our current tort system favors
documentation which encourages frequent physician visits, exaggeration of
complaints, expensive testing, and extensive symptomatic treatment, most
of which have no proven value in altering the natural history of the
patient's symptoms.

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Stress management and biofeedback techniques may also be
helpful, although studies have not yet confirmed any benefits.
What Are Surgical Procedures for Low Back Pain or Sciatica?
The most common reasons for surgery for low back pain are sciatica and
spinal stenosis.

History Of Chronic Pain? Think Lyme Disease

When low back pain is  not caused by a medical condition, about 90% of people recover within a  month without any treatment at all.

Provocative discometry is a test that uses an injection of saline solution
into the suspected disc to reproduce the pain, which is then followed by
injection of an anesthetic to dull the pain.
What Are Nonsurgical Treatments of Low Back Pain or Sciatica?
Back pain attributed to medical conditions, such as arthritis,
osteoporosis, or pregnancy, either resolves when the condition does or is
treated as part of the overall therapeutic plan.

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They walked through the streets blowing
high-pitched bamboo whistles to alert their clients that they were
available to come into their homes to give a shiatsu treatment.
Today the shiatsu practitioner, often a small individual, uses his or her
palms, thumbs, feet, and sometimes knees to apply a rhythmic pressure to
the body.

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Back problems, as Joy
well understands, are lifestyle issues, and acupuncture treats the whole
person, not just the back.
Because back pain stems from a variety of things, most acupuncturists
encourage you to check with your doctor to rule out acute problems.
The sooner the back problem is treated, the faster the condition heals.

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Does your pharmacist have an opinion about the drug you are purchasing?
If the differences between anti-inflammatories (or nonnarcotic
analgesics), painkillers, and muscle relaxants confuse you, perhaps your
pharmacist can offer more information on the subject or give you a
Drugs for treatment of backaches generally fall into three categories:
anti-inflammatories (or nonnarcotic analgesics), painkillers, and muscle

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A chiropractor may also refer you to a surgeon
if you have clear nerve-root compression.
As do physical therapists, osteopaths, and athletic trainers,
chiropractors employ a wide variety of treatments to alleviate pain such,
as electrical stimulation techniques, acupuncture, or massage.

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You should not look to nerve blocks for your only
treatment for pain, but regard them as part of a comprehensive treatment

Other Physical Treatments
Your doctor may prescribe more conservative (less potential for risk)
forms of treatment for you, such as braces.