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Colorado Street is now called Colorado Boulevard. On the west side of the bridge, exit Highway 134 at Orange Grove, go North one block, turn right onto Green, then right on Grand which will immediately end near a grassy park like area. Park, walk to the left to the bridge. To drive across the bridge, leave Grand, head back towards the 134 on-ramp and actually take the 134 West on-ramp, but veer towards the left and onto the bridge instead of right and onto the highway.

Bridge failures were not uncommon with the first high water or heavy load.

During the construction of Highway One 32 bridges were built between Carmel and San Simeon, all designed and constructed under the direction of F. W. Panhorst, Bridge Engineer for the State of California. The first bridge to be completed was a small timber structure across Salmon Creek about 19 miles north of San Simeon which was opened in 1928.

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These specifications cover the design, evaluation, and rehabilitation of highway bridges