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As a senior in high school, Dalton placed 25th in state finals in the 500-yard freestyle, where the head swimming coach at the U of Indy decided then and there he wanted him on his collegiate team. From there on out, it was history and Herendeen has only been getting better—most recently placing 8th in the 1,650-yard freestyle in the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference, helping his team to the third place spot.

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Many high school students play sports – both girls and boys, those that are good start to think they could play their sport at college level. It’s not that easy. The truth is that most high school athletes wont get the opportunity to play. Have you ever stopped to consider what the chances are of earning a scholarship to play college , or even ? Not only must you be tops in your sport but you also need to be a good student because your

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Edwards High School he was an enthusiastic athlete, playing varsity baseball and went with his 1975 football team to state competition.

A molder of champions, he was especially proud of the academic and athletic achievements of his two children, Phillip and Vanessa Smith who earned multiple high school state championships during their tenure at St Edward High School and Hathaway Brown and went on to excel in academics and athletics at Ivy League schools (Phillip at Brown University - varsity football, and Vanessa at Princeton University - varsity basketball).

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The National Collegiate Athletic Association, NCAA, has estimated that the chances of competing in your chosen sport at the college level is not great. For example, only 3% of high school senior basketball players will play NCAA sponsored basketball. These figures do not take into account the