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Thus we get expressions like , "Sanskrit," , "Sanskrit writing," and , "Sanskrit characters." In Japan, India was sometimes called the , , the "Moon Tribe." This appealed because of the contrast with Japan, the , "Sun Source." The Japanese knew from Chinese histories that the were in the West, and since they were a bit vague about what was in the West, but they knew that India was also, the connection got made.

This is, of course, not too surprising, given the problems with Indian historiography.

It is certainly representative of the problems with Indian history that its own historical era dates an unknown event in a period, long after the beginning of Indian history, that itself is all but innocent of dates and historical evidence.Simultaneously with the descent of Sakas into India, (Pahlavas) or Suren appear from the west, and some of them become established in India independent (or not) of the Parthian King.

Historical Sources and Shakespeare's Henry V

While the Mauryas are the beginning of historical India, a great deal had already been going on (like the life of the Buddha) that in a Greek or Chinese context we would expect to be within historical time.

describes episodes of Henry V's life in a different format

Pre-War Japan, however, was not just Japan, but "Great Japan," Dai Nippon; and while Japan now is, officially, just "Nihon," pre-War Japan was the , the Dai Nippon Teikoku, the "Empire of Great Japan."Prince Shôtoku is a historical figure, but not without legendary accumulations.

Due to this background in war, ..

As with the Japanese Eras, they are given here on a separate .
In pre-war Japan, publicly questioning the historicity of Jimmu or the antiquity of the Japanese Throne could land one in jail, or worse.

To the English, Henry is a major heroic figure

Just as the Holy Roman Empire retained few of the characteristics that we might otherwise associate with "empire," except for claims of universal authority, the Japanese adopted Imperial Chinese titles and ideology, not because their monarchy or their country had many similarities in "historical circumstances" or structure to China, but because the Japanese could not see their monarchy as being any less exalted in authority and status than that of China.

Henry V - Shakespeare's Henriadand the Archives

Now, moving forward almost a hundred years, in 1907 Earl Rhoads (1886-1969), 3x great grandson of George Rhodes, married Alma Warner (1888-1920), 3x great granddaughter of Henry Warner. He was Lutheran and lived on Providence Rd. south of Brookville. She was Brethren and lived near Phillipsburg. I have always wondered how my grandparents from such similar geographical but totally different religious backgrounds ever got together. They lived only ten miles apart but many more than that from a Christian theology point of view. One of the great mysteries of my family’s history.

Shakespeare's Henry V Plot Summary

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