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But is also thought possible that Margaret of France, who spent much of her life in England as wife of Henry II’s son, known as the “young King”, but was widowed and went on to become Queen of Hungary. Becket negotiated the marriage pact which brought her to England and would have been a major influence on her life.

Becket's big break came in 1154, when Theobold introduced him to the newly crowned King, Henry II

“All that was part and parcel of the drastic action against the cult of the saints taken under Henry VIII and his grab for the wealth that had grown up around that cult nowhere more spectacularly than at Becket’s shrine where it was reported that some of the jewels were ‘bigger than a goose’s egg’.

The Murder of Thomas Becket, 1170 - EyeWitness to History

In 1174 Henry II did  at Becket's tomb. The next king to attempt to gain power over the Church was  in 1534.

Becket’s murder, close to the altar of Canterbury Cathedral as vespers were being sung on December 29 1170 marked the bloody climax of a long feud with his once close friend Henry II.