No matter what he says in his speeches the media think "Wow!

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A value proposition describes the key details about who you are and what you can do. This is what is required in every format of job application or job search. That is, if you are applying directly to a job opportunity, then your cover letter should contain your value proposition. And if you are creating a profile on a job search site or a networking site, then the summary that they ask, should contain your value proposition. You can also use your value proposition to answer interviewer’s questions about yourself. So what is this value proposition and what should it ideally contain?

He must be kind of smart after all." You're right.

For example,when writing something like, " .

In this sentence

The proposal seemed reasonable.
"seemed" is a linking verb, and so an adjective complement ("reasonable") is called for.

My friend says that it should be.............I have not drank.......

(If you are suggesting that "or" can be used only in situations in which two things are being offered in a list, that, too, is imposing a limitation on "or" that is neither appropriate nor necessary.)

That only pertains to intoxication.

Likewise, an adjective complement is (I assume) correct in this sentence

The food arrived hot.
because "hot" describes a state, not an action (i.e., it could be reworded as "The food was hot whenit arrived").But what about this sentence?

I need something in writing as proof of who is right.

No dumb questions.
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We can say something like "While Nero fiddled, Rome burned." There is a slight possibility that the usual temporal meaning of (meaning "at the same time as") can become confused with the concessive meaning of the same word (meaning "although," as in "While Chicago is known as the Second City, Los Angeles is actually larger in population"), but it's unlikely that that would happen in the sentence you give us.

But there is nothing wrong with the "or" in that case.

Landing a job is nothing but selling your capabilities. Therefore you need to have a proposition which effectively highlights your unique selling points. That is your value proposition. Why you think you are the best option and what is it in you that are not there in others!

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Finally, don't capitalize the word when it's being used as a substitute for the state's name, as in "My father works for the state." It is capitalized, however, in imaginative names such as "the Nutmeg State," "the Empire State," "the Aloha State," and we capitalize "States" when we say things like "We're returning to the States after twenty years in Europe."