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After visiting them, Pip's greatest ambition is transforming himself in a gentleman to gain Estella's love although she acts coldly and contemptuously towards him.

'Great Expectations' is a coming of age story that revolves around the life of one man Pip.
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'Great Expectations' is the story of Philip Pirrip, known as Pip, an orphan raised by his brutal sister and her gentle-natured husband, Joe Gargery....

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Great Expectations focuses on Pip and we view the narrative through his eyes.
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He had always had great expectations of himself, wishing to become someone of high social class - as this was set and written in the Victorian era when social class was a huge factor of society - and when he ends up visiting an eccentric woman called Miss Haversham he meets a beautiful young girl called Estella who becomes more important later on....

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With growth comes decision making in which comes greater changes, the motif of choice is woven through the novel of Mister Pip, whether its Dolores deciding to hide “Great Expectations” from the villagers causing greater occurrences or Mr....

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In Great Expectations, Pip is exposed to many different social classes, he acts very differently, he finds out how lonely he becomes, and how family and friends mean everything in life....

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Miss Havisham, Estella’s mentor, has trained her to break boys’ hearts, and her first victim is Great Expectations’ adorable hero Pip. Is she redeemed by his true affections by the end? Dickens couldn’t decide: he wrote two endings. I like the one where the beautiful ice queen never melts.

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These are examples of influential leaders, but in Charles Dickens' Great Expectations, the most influential characters on Pip are people who would appear to be minor female characters in the novel.

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takes undeserved credit for Pip's rise in social status
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- He is an orphan and raised by his abusive older sister
- Influenced by Joe’s dominating traits, such as kindness and childishness
- In the early events of the novel, Pip wishes to become a blacksmith like Joe
- After meeting Estella, he learns to be ashamed of his common lifestyle
- He aspires to become a gentleman and thinks that wealth and education will make him worthy of Estella
- Pip has always been abused and viewed as a burden by his sister, and accused of being ungrateful by the adults around him
- Pip is often conflicted with his conscience
- His two dominating traits are his unrealistic idealism and clouded but definite loyalty
- Expectations about Estella, money and being a gentleman, which are all the contributing factors to his major downfall