Plot summary of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

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These facts about Dickens will help you to better understand Great Expectations.

Great Expectations was the next-to-last novel of one of the greatest writers of the 19th century, Charles Dickens. It was published when Dickens was at his prime, and after all the experiences that developed his style and skills. It is a brilliant, intricate and perfectly crafted novel.

Charles Dickens wrote a classic when he penned Great Expectations

It is possible that the elements of Great Expectations were influenced by events in Dickens' life (listed above). Can you match the element to the event (the answers are at the bottom of the page)?

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That’s always been the problem with the dramatic representations, not least with Gillian Anderson’s ethereal, oddly monotone performance in the BBC’s recent adaptation of Great Expectations. No matter what the interpretation, it’s difficult really to believe in her.

Charles Dickens' great-great-great ..

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Explore the celebration of Christmas that Dickens helped to create written by a direct descendant of the great author himself!

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Wemmick who represents probably the most serene and settled familial relationship in the entire novel.John Wemmick, a clerk in Jaggers’ London law office, essentially is Joe Gargery’s professional counterpart in Great Expectations.

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A novel such as Great read with respect to familial relationships can help students understand these pressures and experiences more fully and, as a consequence, help them find their identity and their own great expectations.This unit is purposely designed to allow for maximum flexibility by any of its users.

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In essence, this portion of the unit might exist as a launching pad for my students to experience career exploration and better equip them to make a more conscious choice of a high school to attend the following year.Charles Dickens’ great popularity on both sides of the Atlantic can be attributed in part to the form in which his work was generally presented to the reading public.