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Ines is survived by her best friend and husband of 40 years, Ismael "Mayo" Segura; children, Cynthia (Mike) Martinez, Roberta Blakeman, Roldan (Judy) Segura; 11 grandchildren, eight great-grandchildren and 11 siblings.

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He is survived by one brother, Elfedo Salazar of Gardener, Colo.; two sons, Hubert Rose Marie Salazar of Fort Collins, Colo., Isadore Irene Salazar of Lakewood, Colo.; two daughters, Evelyn Gene Martinez of Pueblo, Colo., Geraldine Murguia of Lakewood, Colo.; one stepson, Victor Lucy Archuleta of Pueblo, Colo.; 20 grandchildren, and lots of great-grandchildren.

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In the short story “Greasy Lake,” T.C
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This story is about a guy names Ponyboy who is a “greaser”, a member of a group of lower-class youths who wear their hair long and greasy, wear jeans and ripped-up T-shirt, and are at odds with the rich-kid bullies known as the “Socs”, shorter name for socials.

The Road to Wellville is a 1993 novel by American author T

from The State UniversityofNew York at Potsdam in 1968, Boyle avoided the draft for the war in Vietnam by workingas ateacher in the Peekskill City School District (1968-1969) and at Lakeland High School(1969-1972).

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Coraghessan Boyle includedrafts, research material, correspondence, proofs, layout pages, dust jackets, reviewandother clippings, tearsheets, resumes, photographs, posters, flyers, maps, awards,broadsides, agreements and contracts, royalty statements, payment receipts, schedulesanditineraries, advertisements, catalogs, programs, and electronic files.

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She is survived by Peggy of Sedgwick, Colo.; and Pam, her caregiver since 2002; granddaughter, Levis Pamela Owens (Tony Iton); great-grandson, Satchel Wilkinson; great-granddaughter, Ella Iton of San Francisco, Calif.; Marvin “Mel” Owens III (Dara) of Lakewood, Colo.; great-granddaughters, Ashley and Samantha Owens, also of Lakewood, Colo.