They worshiped Ghekre, the Ape God

BTW Jim let’s say they did find a bi-pedal ape,so what? I doubt they ever will but the assumption that would prove random events turned monkeys into men is childishly absurd. Have you ever stopped and realized that those who believe in evolution believe in it and then go trying to find evidence to support it? Evolution has nothing to do with science, it is all about God.

"If you can read this sentence, I can prove God exists"

There are many things that you did not consider in your theory, like the fact that time is also not living in the conventional sense with even less characteristics than a stone or even an atom, time does not exist in a material state yet matter cannot exist without time, nor can a human think in any way without using time.
so time creates all information, and all information is within time, and time does not have a mind.
I am a christian tho, I would rather prove God by saying that the bigbang canot have happened because time is relative to space and for there to be nothing, including time, there would not have been any time for the event to have taken place.
unless this event happened outside of time which implies that time was created, but then again, to create something you would need time.
if you traveled from point a to point b but used no time, you would basically not have the space between the two points, but what if you traveled at that same speed but did not allocate point b, it would both stop to exist and gain eternal existence, this is clearly the two opposite ends of time, zero and infinity so time was never created, time was the only thing that could have possibly happened in the absence of time. considering this, nothingness cannot be accelerated because it is nothing also there would be no time for speed and if movement then is impossible, time is also impossible.
so God created time.

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Even if one employs Darwin's theory of evolution to suggest some kind of link between man and ape, and as a result associate an older age for mankind, one would still have to say that God did not exist before 30 million years ago, that is when the first apes walked on earth.

Now the ape learns another human emotion ..

I believe, however, that God used the force called evolution to shape life on earth over billions of years. The reason for this is simple: Evolution has been conclusively proven to be a fact. Either I deny that fact (and thus reject science), or I accept that fact. If I accept the facts, and if I believe in God, then it must be that GOD did it; God caused evolution.