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When others see 'chance', I see 'cost'." Or Morpheus' words at the nightclub in the second Matrix film: "What happened, happened and could not have happened any other way." For the Wachowskis, it is not God who is sovereign over the universe: the universe simply exists, and operates according to a series of set laws. Much like the proverbial dominoes tumbling over, preceding events will always and certainly determine later events.

The biggest problem facing the Christian church is not that these types of films are made; after all, anyone who experiences secular society is going to be surrounded by contrary worldviews all day long. The problem is that not all Christians use their minds to the glory of God, and thus give in to un-Christian ways of thinking, bit by bit. If Christians are to make any difference, they are best advised not to join its mindless ranks. This doesn't mean abandoning the world for solitude, but it does mean observing it critically so we can wisely invest our time and attention in the right areas.

In addition to cultural damage to Christian society, the un-thinking cinema-going Christian also has another danger to contend with: the risk of falling short of the glory of God. Over twenty years ago, John Piper wrote a short essay entitled How To Drink Orange Juice To The Glory of God. Though it is undesirable to simply cut and paste "watch movies" in place of "drink orange juice," Piper does make one valuable observation for the question before us today: how can Christians glorify God when they watch movies? His observation is a reflection on the Apostle Paul's words in 1 Corinthians 10:31 which reads, "Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God." Piper observes,
"It is sin to eat or drink or do anything NOT for the glory of God.

The Movie “Glory” and The Lesson It Teaches on Leadership
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We were confused when going to support you as a Christian author with "The Mountain Between Us" movie and though beautifully filmed and acted we were puzzled how we had missed God and Jesus in it and did not expect your characters (though we are all sinful) to violate trust as Hollywood showed us. This blog now accompanies our recommendations to others regarding Mountain and your books. This posting is an incredible testimony of faith and love and was extremely helpful understanding the nature of the media business and Gods ultimate plan that all things work for His glory.

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Essay on Glory Movie Analysis - 630 Words
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I heard from an author friend of mine Sarah Loudin Thomas (her books are great too) that she had spoken with you and learned you had no control over the screen play etc. for "The mountain Between Us". We both agreed that could be a very difficult situation. But I do appreciate your consideration that someone may very well read the book after seeing the movie and read your other books as well. What a difference that could make, what lives might be changed. I am praying with you that the LORD will indeed use all of this for His glory and honor...because I know that is why you write. Thank you.