What does the Global Soap Project do

Bengt has since his stay in South Africa (2006-2008) spent a lot of time to integrate his own leader experiences with his new inspirations from Care & Growth and Lean. It resulted in a book (the Leader’s Ladder, so far only in Swedish) that has been very well received in Sweden, not only in industry but also in hospitals and municipalities.

The Global Soap Project collects only soap
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South Africa's inequitable history of Settlement Policies that still bind residents to high-energy consumption and life in unhealthy, barren and dusty townships.

The Global Soap Project collects used bars ..

90-95% of formal clamp operators in South Africa were reached and a pilot vertical shaft brick kiln (VSBK) consisting of 6 shafts was erected in 2013.
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In addition to this, the global economic credit-driven crisis has also impacted negatively on the South African building and construction markets, which in turn negatively affects the demand for clay bricks – down from a high of around 5 billion per annum to 3.4 billion bricks per annum.

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By March 2005, 15 million people were served with water (standard: within 200 meters from the home), leaving only 8% of the South African population without any access to safe water.

Organizations Step Up Efforts to Collect Partially Used Soap, Shampoo

The aim of this project is to build a number of wells and latrines in eight villages in Burkina Faso; this has been made possible thanks to donations.

Howard Measham has been to these West African villages and he understands their needs – the village of Gonsin for example has a birth clinic but previously it operated without access to clean water.

It is distributed to those in need in Africa.

In order to allow better opportunities in life, starts the Siemens Foundation, a joint project with the international environmental foundation Global Nature Fund.

Believing in Better — We Believe Waste Is a Dirty Word. …

A manifesto was drawn up, outlining the way ahead for different organisations and actors in the coming decades.

The goal of the project is to boost young people’s involvement in sustainable development and other issues in African society.

We Believe Waste Is a Dirty Word

Of course there are other great working photovoltaic systems in southern Africa, also small wind-turbine power systems that depend on batteries for storing energy in order to provide electrical power during the night.