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A good example of a service firm that experienced global expansion challenges is the management consulting firm Bain & Company, Inc. In consulting, a firm's most important strategic asset is its reputation, so a consistent firm culture is very important. Bain faced the following challenges, which depend on the firm's strategy and which affect the ability to maintain a consistent culture:

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An important part of a global strategy is the method that the firm will use to enter the foreign market. There are four possible :

During the initial phase Camelot Global made sure to understand MSLC's existing operations and processes. This involved a current state assessment and project definition in which Camelot Global conducted meetings with key stakeholders to understand their business, their thinking and frustrations with current systems, confirming the project's objectives and scope, workshops to run through their current systems, review of existing documentation, agent visits and meetings with key team managers.

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Read Mark Knickrehm’s, Group Chief Executive – Accenture Strategy, Harvard Business Review article to find out how companies should prepare the Future Workforce to thrive in a world where artificial intelligence, big data analytics, and advanced robotics make it possible for machines to take on tasks that once required a person to do them.

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Global Structure: Country manager acts as an ambassador and administrator. In a global firm there usually are business directors who oversee marketing and sales. The role of the country manager becomes one of a statesman. This person usually is a local with good government contacts.