We cannot afford to despise the gift of prophecy.

It derives from para, "beside" and muthos,"speech, word, saying." In classical Greek it couldrefer to "any address, whether made "for the purposeof persuading, or of arousing and stimulating or of calming andconsoling.[9] Exhortation to obedience and service as well as encouragementand comfort from the Spirit to those experiencing pain and troubleare one aspect of the Spirit's building up of the church throughprophecy.

The importanceof the gift of prophecy is seen from from Paul's urgency for it.

A study of the biblical examples of people seeking prophecy reveals that the prophet does not always have to rely solely on revelation for information. For example, in the record of the widow who asked Elisha for help (2 Kings 4 in the list above), he got the details of the situation from the widow herself before he got the word from the LORD. If you are called as a prophet, you should desire to restore the position of the prophet in the Church and be blessed at the opportunity to seek the Lord for people. Then if you get a word, wonderful. If not, the person is no worse off than when he came to you. Similarly, we in the Church should be encouraging the prophets and looking to them to help us get direction from the Lord in our lives.

The gift of prophecy is a divine gift.

Indeed, one of the primaryways the Spirit builds up the church is by means of prophecy'srevelation.

Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for your divine intervention of me getting this article in my hand and in my spirit. Lord even as i text this message I feel you all over me and I thank you for the gift and of the ministry of a prophetes that you have called .
Lord Jesus help me to be all you would me to be in your body, and may your Will be done in the body and not our will. Amen


The New Testament Scripturesmake it clear that the Spirit is a universal gift to the church,and that prophecy is the characteristic gift of the Spirit.

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In all the variouslists and discussions of the gifts in Paul's letters the onlyconstant gift is prophecy.[2] Whenever Paul makes an attemptto classify the gifts in terms of importance, prophecy is givenpreference over all the rest (1 Corinthians 14:1; 1 Thessalonians5:19f).

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Only in the two passages where Paul speaks of giftedmen (prophets) rather than of the gift (prophecy) do prophetsfall into second place behind apostles (1 Corinthians 12:28; Ephesians4:11; cf.

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Ephesians 2:20).[3] As God led me in my study of the gift of prophecy, I was convictedby the Apostle's command: "Earnestly desire to prophesy"(1 Corinthians 14:39; see also 12:31; 14:1).

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"Congratulations to Gary Stearman and Bob Ulrich for the valiant job they have done through the years of faithful Bible prophecy teaching. Now, they are launching out on a new step of faith continuing the work God has called them to – teaching Bible prophecy and making available high quality prophecy helps for pastors and Bible teachers. The Bible has the answers to what is going on in this chaotic world and these two men are committed to getting out God’s truth, which today is desperately needed. I am confident God will bless their faithfulness to Him and His prophetic Word – and this new ministry."