Along with race and class inequalities, we have gender inequalities.

Through discussing each of these concepts, we can compare the historical context of gender inequalities to the present day to see if things have improved or deteriorated in modern society....

What creates and maintains significant gender inequality when it comes to decision making.

Although different societies have varying perceptions of what is an acceptable level of equity, it is generally accepted that inequality has an impact on key social determinants such as health, wellbeing, political trust and violence.

From 1919 to today we see a similar trend of gender inequality.

You need to recognize that many women do not feel that they have an equal voice in the church, and that there are man arguments against gender equality in the church. You telling us they don’t exist doesn’t change our experience of inequality, nor does it make those arguments go away.

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Another way to make inequality apparent is to talk about privilege. In academia there is a lot of literature on male privilege and white privilege—those unacknowledged advantages that men and majority ethnicities gain from women’s and minorities’ disadvantages. An important step in lessening, mitigating and ending this discrimination is acknowledging it. It is sometimes easier to see that others have different gender roles or even that women have some disadvantages. The truly difficult thing to recognize is the concomitant truth: what aspects of being male are advantageous?

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The intend of this paper is to illustrate how social prejudice against sexual orientation carries some of the same affects on people as racial and gender inequality.

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A patriarchal society can be clearly seen from the gender inequality in the labour force which is paid labour and also in unpaid labour which occurs in the household.

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This paper will provide examples of racial and gender inequality in comparison to the inequalities sex-same marriages some people are currently experiencing....

What do we mean by gender inequality

What accounts for the highly contested nature of the concept of power?One explanation is that how we conceptualize power is shaped by thepolitical and theoretical interests that we bring to the study ofpower (Lukes 1986, Said 1986). For example, democratic theorists areinterested in different things when they study power than are socialmovement theorists or critical race theorists or postcolonialtheorists, and so on. On this view, a specific conceptualization ofpower could be more or less useful depending on the specificdisciplinary or theoretical context in which it is deployed, whereusefulness is evaluated in terms of how well it “accomplishesthe task the theorists set for themselves” (Haugaard 2010, 426).On this view, if we suppose that feminists who are interested in powerare interested in understanding and critiquing gender-based relationsof domination and subordination as these intersect with other axes ofoppression and thinking about how such relations can be transformedthrough individual and collective resistance, then we would concludethat specific conceptions of power should be evaluated in terms of howwell they enable feminists to fulfill those aims.