In the 1800s ice cream served at fancy parties was often .

Their frequent sign 'Produzione Propria' means that gelat artists are at work, using their secret recipes...Gelato seems to taste better than homogenized or standard American ice cream because it isn't as deeply frozenand therefore has a creamier texture, and because it usually contains plenty of fresh eggs and cream...In Rome, the most renowedice cream emporium is Giolitti's...The history of Giolitti's is a good example of the recent fortunes of gelato.

After the Conference of Berlin (1884-1885), European nations rivaled for territory in Africa.

Sorbets.--These ices, which in France are usually served between the main courses, take the place nowadays of the liqueurs which formerly used to be served in the middle of the meal and which in some parts of France were called coup-du-milieu, and in others trou-normande."
---, Prosper Montagne [Crown Publishers:New York] 1961 (p.

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631 And All-a-mode of the brisk Monsieur, In the midst of the Pit, like ourselves we do sit.

Today, the sorbet is served as adessert or as a refreshment between courses; at large formal dinners in France, sorbets with analcoholic base are served between the main courses, taking the place of the liqueur...formerlyserved in the middle of the meal..."
---, completely revised and updated [Clarkson Potter:New York]2001(p.

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They are generally prepared by first making an ordinary lemon-water ice, and adding to this some spirit, liqueur, or syrup for flavouring, and fruit for the garnish and are named accordingly rum sorbet, cherry sorbet, and so on.

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