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Whether the music companies will march down the road to war with the fans, inthe face of Napster's latest peace offering is unknown. Their record to date,however, is not encouraging.

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Last summer, the District Court had enjoined Napster from continued operation on the ground that it was "knowingly encouraging and assisting" copyright infringement by allowing internet users to search for, and download, copyrighted music files.

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Napster's move amounts to a concession that its days as an online clearinghouse for the free trade in copyrighted tunes are over.

The Court of Appeals said the District Court had improperly looked only at current uses of the Napster system to determine whether there were substantial non-infringing uses, instead of considering "current and future non-infringing use." If Napster can establish that its potential non-infringing uses are substantial ones, it may yet prevail.

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Patel did not say when she would rule on a higher court's instruction that she narrow the scope of her July injunction ordering Napster to stop facilitating the swapping of pirated music.

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Napster attorney David Boies said the new technology effectively would block searches for material identified by copyright holders by programming the material into the screening system by song name and artist name.

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Petersburg Times, published March 3, 2001 SAN FRANCISCO -- Napster users, move quickly: The controversial free music Web site plans to start blocking access to more than a million music files beginning this weekend.

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The offer of a free 30-day trial with the new, paid-for version of Napster, and Eminem on the cover are clear signs that this launch aimed at MP3-carrying youth. However, it only lasted for a handful of issues.

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