This essay will explore the complex character of "honest Iago.

Mowat and Paul Werstine comment in the Introduction to Shakespeare: Othello that sexism is a big factor in the play: At this point in our civilization the play’s fascination and its horror may be greater than ever before because we have been made so very sensitive to the issues of race, class, and gender that are woven into the texture of Othello....

As a playwright, Shakespeare used Aristotle’s guidelines to tragedy when writing Othello.

In the Introduction to Shakespeare’s Othello: The Harbrace Theatre Edition, John Russell Brown summarizes the role of the heroine of the play: When considered functionally, Desdemona’s role may be seen to be every bit as demanding as those of the principals.

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Kenneth Muir, in the Introduction to William Shakespeare: Othello, explains the conversion of Othello through his increased use of animal imagery: Those who have written on the imagery of the play have shown how the hold Iago has over Othello is illustrated by the language Shakespeare puts into their mouths....

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Shakespeare's era contrasted "nature" and "art" (i.e.,human-made decorations, human-made luxuries and technologies,human-made artistic productions), just as we talk about"essential human nature" contrasted to "culture".

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David Bevington in William Shakespeare: Four Tragedies enlightens us on the ancient: Iago’s machinations yield him both “sport” and “profit” (1.3.387); that is, he enjoys his evildoing, although he is also driven by a motive.

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Shakespear has laboured the finer shades of difference in both with as much care and skill as if he had had to depend on the execution alone for the success of his design.

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William Shakespeare’s play Othello and Gurinder Chadha’s film Bride and Prejudice both deeply explores the notion of belonging through the use of various film techniques, imagery, binary opposites and dramatic techniques.

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Hudson, who wrote nearly a hundred years ago, saw that Iago was not acting from revenge, one is more than surprised to find modern critics, who have had the advantage of the progress that has been made in the study of abnormal psychology, accepting Iago for anything but what he is, and what Shakespeare i...

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He professes allegiance to "nature" rather than law or love,and decides that he will try to gain control of the earldom by removinghis father and brother.