Frederick Douglass National Historic Site (U.S

After breaking with Garrison, Douglass founded and edited his firstpaper, the North Star, and authored a considerable body ofletters, editorials, and speeches. These writings have been collectedin Philip Foner’s multivolume, The Life and Writings ofFrederick Douglass (1950–1975, hereafter FDLW),[] and in John W. Blassingame and John R. McKivigan’s multivolume,The Frederick Douglass Papers (1979–, hereafter FDP).

Many of the facts in this story were taken from Frederick Douglass' Autobiography.

Tom Chaffin is author of, among others books, As Research Professor of History at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, he serves as Editor and Director of the Correspondence of James K. Polk. He is now writing a book about Frederick Douglass’s encounters with Ireland and Irish America.

Frederick Douglass spent his life fighting for justice and equality

Sources:Frederick Douglass, Two Speeches by Frederick Douglass… (Rochester, 1857).

…there is no division of races. God Almighty made but one race.I adopt the theory that in time the varieties of races will be blendedinto one. Let us look back when the black and the white people weredistinct in this country. In two hundred and fifty years there hasgrown up a million of intermediate. And this will continue. You maysay that Frederick Douglass considers himself a member of the one racewhich exists. (1884, FDP1 v.5: 147)