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Their findings have modified many ofthe views expressed by Turner but have gone far toward proving that thefrontier hypothesis remains one essential tool-albeit not the only one-forinterpreting American history.

The role of American Labor Movement in the history of the United States of America.

This is not the place to discuss the motives for the development of slang; at another time we intend to show that the same principles govern slang formation as govern dream symbol formation.

I will be looking at the formation of American ideologies as I read.

primitive modes of operations that are suppressed during the day play a part in the formation of dreams (Ref. #1, p. 527).

and for the most part by reason of their being exempt from the censorship, satisfy more effectively the requirements of dream-formation" (Ref. #1, p. 368).

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Even though they may be sheeplike in followingthe decrees of social arbiters or fashion dictators, Americans today, liketheir pioneer ancestors, dislike governmental interference in their affairs-"Rugged individualism" did not originate on the, frontier any more thandemocracy or nationalism did, but each concept was deepened and sharpenedby frontier conditions.

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If the pioneering experience was responsible for our democracy and nationalismand individualism, why have the peoples of Africa, Latin America, Canada,and Russia failed to develop identical characteristics?

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The second, "Problems in American History," attemptedto isolate those forces most influential fit explaining the unique featuresof American development.


It is not my intention in this article to discuss theories of symbolism in general, nor even to review the history of thought regarding symbols in dreams.

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In order to gain some perspective on the psychoanalytic theory of dream symbols, let us consider briefly the origin and history of dream books, a task that H.


Harkingback to Turner's statement that the perennial rebirth of society was necessaryto keep alive the democratic spirit, expansionists have argued throughthe twentieth century for an extension of American power and territories.