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The Large Aircraft Carrier Midway Myth: is it, Fatal?
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"Climate change and air pollution are serious concerns for the African American and Latino community because we tend to live closer to power plants, freeways, refineries and other emitters, and we generally have fewer resources to cope with extreme weather impacts. Asthma is a huge problem, as is heart disease, both of which are made worse by air pollution. This is not some theoretical concern, it is a clear and present danger for our health, and it's a drain on our budgets. We should not be paying the price for pollution when we're not the ones profiting from it. I support healthy and affordable energy choices, and that's what SB 350 and SB 32 are about."

How Fragile are Aircraft Carriers

The aircraft appeared to perform a slow-speed wingover-type maneuver, and did not recover before ground impact.
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"My son has asthma, and SB 350​ and SB32​ will not only clean up our air, but will make our energy and transportation systems healthier for all kids. Latinos and other communities of color are particularly vulnerable to the health and climate impacts of burning fossil fuels---legislators need to do the right thing and support ​these bills." ~Joselino de la Rosa, father of two and member of Climate Parents