The Ain Dara Temple and the giant footsteps of the …

Anywhere fromswash buckling pirates burring stolen gold; A ghost ship hovering overthe woods; British soldiers hiding colonial treasure during therevolutionary war; A full Spanish galleon which vanishes in thin air;Skeletons in knight’s armor wielding threatening swords; Mysteriousgroups of shovelers digging furiously late at night; to ghost horsesand cows appearing and disappearing before your eyes.

He is said to roam the halls of nearby hotelsand knock on doors searching for his lost family.

Five minutes passed and the prisoner did not once stir. Fifteen years' imprisonment had taught him to sit still. The banker tapped at the window with his finger, and the prisoner made no movement whatever in response. Then the banker cautiously broke the seals off the door and put the key in the keyhole. The rusty lock gave a grating sound and the door creaked. The banker expected to hear at once footsteps and a cry of astonishment, but three minutes passed and it was as quiet as ever in the room. He made up his mind to go in.

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