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Abstract/Résumé : Based on our analysis of the findings from qualitative research with youth in Mittimatalik/Pond Inlet conducted in Spring/Summer 2014 and key documents pertaining to the approval of the Baffinland Mine at Mary River and related activities at Milne Inlet, we advance two arguments. First, through the lens of Alfred and Corntassel’s (2005) concept of the ‘politics of distraction’, we maintain that the recruitment of youth and elders in Pond Inlet to participate in a research process facilitated by a consulting firm contracted by Baffinland to incorporate Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit (IQ) is consistent with a neocolonial process of co-opting Inuit values in order to validate a neo-liberal corporate agenda. Secondly, this paper uses interview data to demonstrate that insufficient legal, technical and financial support to communities in order to participate in NIRB hearings hinders meaningful participation and informed engagement. Research participants describe, for example, volunteering their time to read and prepare comments on material in short periods of time, with little or no training on the subject; of covering their own travel expenses to get to some of the hearings; of feeling overwhelmed by the dominant presence of English, whiteness, and technical and scientific discourse. We connect these accounts to debates at the Federal and Territorial levels concerning stipulations in the Nunavut Land Claim Agreement and the Nunavut Planning and Project Assessment Act that outline the terms and conditions of Nunavummiut participation in resource extraction proposals.

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