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Departments have great success using FLAME-SIM. Besides the vigorous experience, departments are excited about the use of FLAME-SIM to train Incident Command and Fireground Communication. Departments separate the IC, interior companies, and exterior companies to drive the reality of the training. Each firefighter has their own view of the structure, is able to interact with the structure, and is forced to communicate using fireground radios as they currently do on the fireground. Departments discover that they exercise critical thinking and assessment and communication under stress. It feels very realistic.

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You make money at a bingo fundraiser by charging for each bingo card. The amount you charge can dramatically vary, from a few dollars per game to a “high rollers” bingo night, which may feature up to $20 per game. If you choose to do a high rollers game, you should have a substantial prize for winners. Consider contacting local businesses to donate prizes for bingo winners, which is an excellent way to attract crowds without having to spend firehouse money on prizes.

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Check out this video overview of  and make sure to read the Foundational Academy 4 memo located under the  and  tabs on the website.

CPFTA Graduates: CPD police officer examination and registration is NOW open. Also there is no application fee to apply. The flyer is attached and cadets can apply by going to and click on the link for the test. Please note that the application closes on February 28th, 2018!

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“Our Family Serving Your Family” is our motto and we try everyday to make it more than just a slogan. We try and live this motto every time we have contact with you and your family. It’s our belief that the qualityof the care we provide is directly impacted by the quality of people we have in the department. We treat all of our customers as though they were part of our family.

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The men and women of the Louisville Fire Protection District are proud to be an active part of the community and to provide quality services. We strongly believe that delivering reliable services have a direct effect on our community's quality of life. We ensure the quality of our services by:

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Aaron displayed great leadership qualities. I have no doubt that Aaron will continue in the tradition of becoming the next generation of firefighters that will make a significant impact in the world. He already has his college plans in motion and will let nothing stop him. The Chicago Fire Department can look to hire this young man in the next five years. When the Chicago Fire Department does, please direct Aaron back to District Three Headquarters. It would be a pleasure and an honor to have Aaron as one of our member.

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Throughout the world, bingo is one of the most popular activities. This easy to operate and highly sociable games is used as a fundraiser opportunity at churches, schools and practically every other organization, and is perfect for a firehouse fundraiser! The following information is a brief overview of how to hold a successful and fun bingo night fundraiser, which hopefully raises funds and awareness for your local firehouse.

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It Is truly our honor to have had our son accepted in the CPFTA program, and to have watched him thrive as a result of your knowledge, and sincere dedication and effort. When you got him he was a nice boy, and you are giving him back to us as an ethical, responsible, and capable young man, with new and expanded insights to life. We are proud that you love having him in your program, and are grateful for such a compliment. We are very proud of him, credit all of you with helping us guide him to where he is today, and look forward with great anticipation to where he is going. We truly believe that if more kids were exposed to your program, in time, the world could be a much happier, safer, and better place. Please keep up the great work, and please know we salute you, the staff responsible for the success of the CPFTA program.