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Over the years, the close connection with the fire-fighting world that initially gave birth to the company has remained. Today, Jac Haagen and his employees are still deeply involved in the fire and safety industries and their developments. Responding to the needs of the market, HAAGEN has developed training products like the Fire Trainer and the M-FIRE, and live-demonstration units such as its innovative flashover simulator and PPV (Positive Pressure Ventilation) trainer. Corporate safety officers and training companies also began working with HAAGEN. They valued the realism, safety, and cost effectiveness of its innovative training systems.

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We currently provide training, consultancy, and managed Fire Safety Packages to Local Authorities, Care Homes, Schools, Hotels, Call Centres etc, and are proud to have Nationwide Customers such as the AA, British Gas, and Saga.

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Fire brigades, industrial safety officers, and safety training companies have come to trust HAAGEN for its reliability and expertise.

Frustrated that the existing fire training equipment on the market could not meet the real training needs at his fire brigade in Baarle-Nassau, Jac Haagen decided in 1986 to build his own smoke generators. What started out as a one-off project, officially established since 1992, has grown into an industry-leading enterprise specialising in world-class products for fire and safety training: HAAGEN.

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coordinates and delivers fire emergency services education and training programs for the fire and emergency response community, public, law enforcement and industry for the purpose of protecting and defending the commonwealth against the loss of life and property. Training and Development is organized into and .

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The Fire Services Training School (FSTS) is the state level agency charged with providing professional development for community fire and rescue services. For administrative purposes, the FSTS is attached to the Extension Service of Montana State University.

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Being specialists in Fire Safety, with all our staff either currently serving professional fire fighters or recently retired, we are able to offer bespoke training and advice to individual organisations throughout the UK.

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Without exaggeration, we can state that HAAGEN is the only company in its field with its own R&D team that is solely dedicated to fire-fighting training and fire simulation, and that is something we can really be proud of!