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I am taking Intermediate Accounting now. I got trouble finding Professional research Analysis in FASB website. There is too broad information. For example, WHAT AUTHORITATIVE LITERATURE ADDRESS COMPREHENSIVE INCOME? When was it issued?
Provide the definition of the comprehensive income.
Define classifications within net income; give examples? etc.
How can I find those question in my response. How can I provide Codification references for my response?

Basics of financial analysis consist of a balance sheet and income statement.

It is important to keep in mind that financial ratios are time sensitive; they can only present a picture of the business at the time that the underlying figures were prepared. For example, a retailer calculating ratios before and after the Christmas season would get very different results. In addition, ratios can be misleading when taken singly, though they can be quite valuable when a small business tracks them over time or uses them as a basis for comparison against company goals or industry standards.

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Ratios are calculated by dividing one number by another, total sales divided by number of employees, for example. Ratios enable business owners to examine the relationships between items and measure that relationship. They are simple to calculate, easy to use, and provide business owners with insight into what is happening within their business, insights that are not always apparent upon review of the financial statements alone. Ratios are aids to judgment and cannot take the place of experience. But experience with reading ratios and tracking them over time will make any manager a better manager. Ratios can help to pinpoint areas that need attention before the looming problem within the area is easily visible.

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Break even point and contribution margin analysis, also known as cost-volume-profit (CVP) analysis, helps managers perform many useful analyses. It deals with how profit and costs change with a change in volume. More specifically, it looks at the effects on profits of changes in such factors as variable costs, fixed costs, selling prices, volume, and mix of products sold. By studying the relationships of costs, sales, and net income, management is better able to cope with many planning decisions. Break-even analysis determines the break-even sales. Break-even point—the financial crossover point when revenues exactly match costs—does not show up in corporate earnings reports, but managers find it an extremely useful measurement in a variety of ways.

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This analysis and report discusses the options that Competition Bikes has for expansion and suggested actions based on their financial state and capital structure (how a badness funds and finances assets).

Financial Analysis:Comparative analysis of Pepsi and Coca Cola.

Ratio analysis is also based on the performance of other companies, so that the profit and success of the firm is compared to the other firms which work in the same sector of the market. Moreover, ration analysis is calculated on the basis on the global economic processes, for example, companies calculate their performance comparing it to all the companies in the world on the basis of the harmful impact of the global financial crisis, depression, etc. Ratio analysis not only shows the current financial condition of a company, but also serves as reliable evidence for the financial managers (who evaluate the condition of the company after the introduction of the certain innovations), creditors and investors (who judge whether the company is reliable enough to be trusted and whether it is worth the invested money).

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: that the CM ratio is 1 minus the variable cost ratio. For example, if variable costs account for 70 percent of the price, the CM ratio is 30 percent.