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The ETA 40—hour certified Fiber Optics Designer (FOD) training program is an optical designer certification that will provide an indepth knowledge of optical local area networks. This certification covers all aspects of a successful fiber optic system design from network protocols, network configurations, optical cabling, industry communications standards, determination of fiber count, hardware selection, splicing/termination methods, and cable system testing and documentation. All that is learned in class is put into practice through multiple and intensive case studies. The ETA certified Fiber Optics Designer program provides detailed instruction and practice of Local Area Network fiber optic design.

Fiber Optics are Revolutionizing Communications Technology

The Aerospace industry has always required the highest standards of workmanship to be maintained. This certification is universally recognized for competency, ability, and knowledge as an AerospaceFiber Optics Fabricator (FAB). ETA worked with the SAE International's Fiber Optics and Applied Photonics Committee to develop the certification. To be recognized for this honor, practicing fabricators must demonstrate the necessary skills and knowledge verifying their proficiency in Aerospace Fiber Optics Fabrication procedures and technology as defined in the SAE International Aerospace and competencies.

Fiber Optics - Internet, Cable and Telephone Communication

Every day that goes by, fiber optic technology proves to be the future of digital communication

This certification is directed towards the education to properly, terminate, connect, test and troubleshoot IP-enabled voice/data/video cable and devices to each other. One of the key advantages to using Cat 5e/6/6A and fiber optic cables and connectors for electronic security and voice/video/data installations is that these cable connections can be readily built using the proper tools and techniques, which will be taught in the required course. This part of the training will emphasize the ETA challenge of being vendor-neutral and applying industry standards for terminations and cable performance. The knowledge gained by the examinees will be applicable to any vendor’s products within the scope of the technology studied. One of the primary principles of the network cabling standards is that if a cable is properly terminated and tests satisfactory, that cable can be used to connect any proper device from any manufacturer. There are hundreds of vendors making thousands of different IP network devices, any and all of which can be readily connected to a network if the cable to be used is properly terminated and tested.