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I’ve tried every conceivable decoy for this brand of hunting and they all work. Floaters draw ducks like a magnet when set on a puddle of standing water in a field. Shells work great, especially in fields with little cover. Full-bodies are dynamite but expensive and difficult to carry. My most productive field setup consists mostly of several-dozen mallard silhouettes. Most are made of UV-resistant vinyl, which is much tougher than ABS or Styrene, has a non-glare finish and photographic realism. I set them out in feeding groups of two to four dozen, with openings throughout the rigging and watch the ducks cup their wings and dive into the spread.

We feed six million loaves of bread a year to ducks in England and Wales causing damage ..

Now, I’m not talking about just any field. My favorites are cut cornfields where feeding flocks in the upper Midwest are most likely to land. But wheat, barley and other small grains have similar effect on the big ducks.

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I used to feed my ducks free-choice and always kept the feeders full. But now I give only measured amounts twice daily. So they still nearly always have constant access to their food. Some sources recommend feeding only what can be consumed in 5 minutes, but I have found my ducks gulp down pellets so quickly that they spend the next 10 minutes trying to swallow. This doesn't seem like a wise method to me. Since my ducks have access to a large grassy yard all day, they pop into the night pen periodically throughout the day for a quick bite and then run off to forage again. So they get plenty of exercise and don't get overly fat, although I'm sure they are heavier than they should be if I wanted to show. But seem to be the perfect weight for breeding and general good health.