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The original Pop Art movement was boundary breaking and avant garde whereas Neo-Pop Art is not a new style, but a dramatic and controversial evolution of the previous generation.

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During the early years of Neo-Pop Art a common theme was the use of animals in their art, especially in the work of Jeff Koons, Katharina Fritsch, Keith Haring and Damien Hirst.

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What we call Neo-Pop Art is certainly not a movement but a convenient way of classifying this new list of diverse artists.

When Andy’s father died in 1942, his main wish was that Andy continue his education to college. In 1945, Andy was accepted at Carnegie Institute of Technology (presently known as Carnegie-Mellon University). He would be the first of his family to ever go beyond high school. He almost failed his first year, but a sympathetic professor provided him with another chance by allowing him to enroll in a summer class. During that time, Andy helped his oldest brother, Paul, huckster fruit and vegetables from a truck. Every opportunity Andy had he would do quick, on-the-spot sketches of the customers. These sketches not only helped him to be readmitted but they also won him a small scholarship. During another summer break, he worked at a prestigious department store creating window displays. It was there that he was introduced to the world of high fashion, which would later influence his interest in becoming an illustrator. Carnegie Tech nurtured Andy’s keen sense of design and ability to create visually.

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He quickly became popular among his classmates for his unique solutions. One professor who was displeased with his non-conformity said that, “Andy Warhola was last on the list to amount to anything!” But another teacher said he was “the only student that had a product to sell.” Upon graduation in 1949, Andy and fellow classmate and artist Philip Pearlstein boarded an overnight train to New York City to pursue the world of art.

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This type of Pop Art often relies heavily on broadening the idea of readymades and using pre-existing items to create a final product, first developed by Dadaist Marcel Duchamp, and also borrowing heavily from cultural icons (such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, Britney Spears, , etc).

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Neo-Pop Art consists of a revised form of Pop Art adapted from its forefathers, a rebirth of recognizable objects and celebrities from popular culture with icons and symbols of the present times.

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Following a decade of enormous success as an illustrator, Warhol looked toward Fine Art as a larger challenge. In 1960 he purchased a four-story townhouse and experimented with using advertising and comic strip imagery as his Art. The subject matter was untraditional and unique at the time. These early Pop paintings had a loose, unfinished look. Over the next several months his painting style would evolve into being more flat and graphic. One consistent aspect, though, was that the images were known to everyone in everyday life.