Storymakers, Language, Expression and Communication

We work with professionals who are struggling with communication, who may be gripped with in front of others or who may just not like the sound of their own voice.

We help you transform the way you express who you are so you can speak, sell, persuade and communicate in the world.

Expression and Communication - SPED 413

There is no medium of expression that is equally suited for all learners or for all kinds of communication. On the contrary, there are media, which seem poorly suited for some kinds of expression, and for some kinds of learning. While a learner with dyslexia may excel at story-telling in conversation, he may falter when telling that same story in writing. It is important to provide alternative modalities for expression, both to the level the playing field among learners and to allow the learner to appropriately (or easily) express knowledge, ideas and concepts in the learning environment.

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Why UDL? VoiceThread has embedded options for communication. Comments can be expressed through writing, verbally, and/or with a drawing tool.