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This section only discusses the basic principles of the moving window approach which the used to develop published for assessing generic biotype in slaughter processes. The reader should refer to one of the following specialized references for more information on other methods:

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Occasionally, an owner may seek advice on a herd or flock known to have received treatment prior to slaughter, when doubt exists whether the observed withdrawal time was sufficient to clear the medication from tissues. All requests of this type which are submitted to the Veterinarian in Charge must be discussed with the Program Specialist, Chemical Residues. In general, the producer is responsible to ensure that animals he sends for slaughter are free of chemical residues, and the abattoir is required to have controls in place to assure this. If the situation warrants it, and the shipping of pre-test animals is indicated, the producer should send only the number of animals specified by the Program Specialist, usually six. The carcasses and all their parts must be held until the appropriate tissues have been analysed. Other samples may be collected at the time of slaughter of the production lot which the pre-test animals represent.

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The suspect group may be held in the company's live receiving area. If so, precautions must be taken to ensure that the animals are not inadvertently slaughtered and their identity lost. Care must also be taken that the animals do not become a source of contamination for other animals in adjacent pens.

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CHAPTER 7: Slaughter of livestock

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Slaughter animals should be adequately rested

If the remaining herdmates are alive, they should be withheld from slaughter until they have had time to clear the residue from their system. Another six "pre-test" animals from the group should then be slaughtered and tested.

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