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AB - Research summary: This study suggests that strategy and organizational scholars seeking to analyze the impact of exploitation on exploration would benefit by moving away from the generally assumed unitary perspective on exploitation. Specifically, we propose a multifaceted perspective on exploitation by theoretically and empirically distinguishing between repetitive exploitation versus incremental exploitation. We argue that repetitive exploitation can impede exploration and delay firms' responses to environmental changes, while incremental exploitation can impel exploration and accelerate firms' responses to environmental changes. We test our arguments using extensive longitudinal data from the hard disk drive (HDD) industry, and our supportive empirical findings highlight the relevance of our distinction between the two types of exploitation and their very different effects on exploration. Managerial summary: This study offers a solution to the puzzle of why many believe firms cannot excel at advancing existing practices and developing new initiatives, typically described as the trade-off between exploitation and exploration. We introduce the distinction between repetitive and incremental exploitation and show that only the former type of innovation generates rigidity toward exploration, whereas the latter actually promotes exploration. More specifically, our evidence from the hard disk drive industry shows that those firms emphasizing incremental innovation (as opposed to repetition of their existing practices) were most likely to remain explorative over time, whereas firms emphasizing more repetitive innovation proved less open to changes. We discuss the implications of our findings as suggesting that firms seeking to optimize their innovativeness over the long term should strive to remain active in incrementally innovating their existing practices.

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But tilting between the two strategies is not easy. Exploitation is quite comfortable and is easy to stay there. Exploration requires a bigger effort and intention. Exploring implies .

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Oct 22, 2015 · What is the Difference Between Exploration and Exploitation? Exploration is traveling through an unfamiliar area. Exploitation …

Exploration and exploitation are two executive functions of the mind that manage our attention in a different way. are two different ways of acting and therefore, require a different mindset to operate. In addition, there is a constant tension between these two functions in everybody’s mind.

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A strategy of over-exploitation prevents you from adapting to changes. It’s what happens when you keep using the same productivity tricks over and over again when .

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In general, most of the known important deposits tend to occur within a few tens to a few hundred metres of the unconformity and within 500 metres of the current ground surface, thus making them accessible, attractive exploration targets.

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A strategy with too much exploration implies not being able to adequately develop the ideas you have experimented, and not enjoying the benefits you were seeking. It’s what happens when you’re jumping from one personal productivity application to another to try the newest things that everyone is speaking of, without actually getting any improvement in your personal productivity.

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All statements herein, other than statements of historical facts, that address future production, reserve potential, exploration drilling, exploitation activities and events or developments that the above mentioned companies expects are forward-looking statements.