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Those who break from accepted norms of discourse (think Howard Dean's famous howling speech in New Hampshire) are often "demoted" from positions of power in the community.

For this assignment we will use John Swales’ definition of discourse communities: ..
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The boundaries of discourse communities are often hazy, and frequently overlap, and many broad discourse communities have smaller, more specialized sub-communities.

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~To be a part of the nursing discourse community, one must be compassionate about helping other people. A nurse must be dedicated, and have a will to want to save lives. It takes dignity, understanding and leadership to become a nurse and gives you the opportunity to make a difference in someone else's life, when least expected.

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The characteristics of such communities of practice vary. Some have names, many do not. Some communities of practice are quite formal in organization, others are very fluid and informal. However, members are brought together by joining in common activities and by ‘what they have learned through their mutual engagement in these activities’ (Wenger 1998). In this respect, a community of practice is different from a community of interest or a geographical community in that it involves a shared practice.

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“Code 23, 3rd floor, room 126,” is heard over the intercom of the 3rd floor of the hospital. On queue the team of doctors pagers go off and a herd of medical staff rush to the patient’s room. A crash code is common in a medical facility. Codes are a way of announcing a situation to the medical staff without alarming the patients or visitors. Those whom work in a medical facility are required to understand and know all codes the facility uses. A medical facility is an example of a discourse community. Each medical discourse community has a set of rules, standards, and codes to follow. These take time to memorize and become accustomed to and it is very important that people working in medical facilities know what these rules, standards, and codes are because people's lives could be at stake. But first we shall address what a discourse community is.

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Second, there may situations where the community of practice is weak or exhibits power relationships that seriously inhibit entry and participation. There is a risk, as Jean Lave and Etienne Wenger acknowledge, of romanticizing communities of practice. However, there has been a tendency in their earlier work of falling into this trap. ‘In their eagerness to debunk testing, formal education and formal accreditation, they do not analyse how their omission [of a range of questions and issues] affects power relations, access, public knowledge and public accountability’ Tennant 1997 79). Their interest in the forms of learning involved communities of practice shares some common element with advocacy of learning webs and informal education. However, where Jean Lave and Etienne Wenger approached the area through an exploration of local encounters and examples, Ivan Illich started with a macro-analysis of the debilitating effects of institutions such as schooling. In both cases the sweep of their arguments led to an under-appreciation of the uses of more formal structures and institutions for learning. However, this was understandable given the scale of the issues and problems around learning within professionalized and bureaucratic institutions such as schools their respective analyses revealed.