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It is high time that Europe has its own defense that allows its own Foreign Policy. With a population of 550,000,000 million, with a GNP far more important than that of Russia, with a European culture that dates back to Ancient Greece, Rome and the Enlightenment, a technological know-how that Europe has spread worldwide, how can we now accept to be considered as an has-been that has to rely on the USA for its defense hindering Western Europe to build its own cultural, political and economic relationship with our natural European partner : Russia ?
To be able to do this, Europe has to spend money on its Defense to be able to live its own way of life with its own values and ethics.

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Is this a global effectiveness? This will depend on how EU perceives itself, if EU describes the European identity on a broader meaning. Till now, EU has had a concept “enlargement” as a replacement of the concept “external relations”, and has viewed every outside issue from this perspective, in its periphery. Unfortunately, EU cannot approach global issues in an effective way, not surprisingly. Therefore, countries such as China, Russia, Turkey and even Iran can behave more effectively and conclusively than EU which has several times bigger economic power than these countries. Why not UK?

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Both countries have a wider aspect of international relations, political and commercial, cultural and historical, being not limited to continental Europe. Their digesting European identity (or the European side of their identity) has never become at the same level as their Central-European partners.

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Britain managed to grow (economically) since 2008 while Euro-states did not (that’s what you imply). That is not correct. The economy in countries with the Euro as their currency only contracted in 2012 and 2013 as a whole. Much of that is influenced if not caused by the too strict austerity policies following the massive tax-paid bail-out for the European banks. Today, there are it least rules that instead owners and savers (above 100 TEUR) will be liable for future losses, and there are the rescue fonds working. State depts are still not back on the pre-crises level (around 90% today against 60% of GDP in 2007), though they did not rise in recent years. Why care about the state dept? Because much tax money is lost for interest and repayment that could be used to invest in infrastructure otherwise. I think there will be some bail-out for the Greek and maybe the Portugese debts, but todays politics sadly is: ‘discipline’ before bail-out. Let’s see what will happen the next months.

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@George, I think you’ll find the things preventing the EU being able to deal with cooperative programmes like these are because of the nature of ruling by committee. No country wants something pushed on them that’s bad for their country. No idea is ever unilaterally accepted by all. How many people have asked for the return of the death penalty? Killing is wrong, we know this yet people still think we should kill killers, not everyone but that’s my point. If you want a full EU country you need to abolish independent sovereignty entirely. No France, Germany, Itally, Czech republic, Spain etc. etc. just one Europe, with one European Capitol (probably in Brussels) one government, and one electorate. Until you have that you have nothing workable. Partial integration doesn’t work.

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7- The visa liberalization in return for the refugee agreement is a shame in such a sense that this should have been done long time ago and should not have been waiting for such an humanitarian issue. It is rather something technical. 99 % of visa applications of Turks are granted positively. It is no more advantageous for Turks to move to Europe. It could be so if it were in 80’s. It is nothing but a torture, especially for people traveling a lot like me, to prepare so many papers and apply for a process just for a few-day travel, completely nonsense. For my part, I am trying not to go to the countries requiring visa for my official passport. Bargaining this issue within the refugee problem was completely unnecessary.