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Much like that of the first “wave” of imperialism that took place from the sixteenth century to the mid-nineteenth century, the European powers started to expand their control over much of the globe....

The Berlin Conference was a very important occurrence in Africa and Europe's history.

Numerouks diseases impadcted the Europeans in Africa during the time of Imperialism. During the time of Imperialism many explorers and soldiers died of disease.

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Native people did increasingly learn European languages to facilitate commerce and the slave trade.

Europe’s main goal during these times was to compete against each other and played a “game” of which country can imperialize more African countries than the other.

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This time of injustice and horror is vividly captured in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, where the darkness and pure evil of humanity comes to life....

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Many native rulers who were not under the dominance of imperial powers often hired European military and economic advisers to tacitly, or overtly, spread colonial cultures.

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Pro-imperial politicians and officials would even use social Darwinism to contend that the imperial states had a duty to civilize the less-developed regions of the world by spreading European culture.

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In the twentieth century, the spread of American culture through the globalization of the entertainment industry undermined regional literature and arts.
Cultural imperialism did not begin with the period of modern European colonization.

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This thirst for land was called imperialism, as strong European countries would take over smaller, weaker countries in order to gain more land, and gain more power.

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The first one is old imperialism, which was the period from the 1500s to the 1800s, where European nation started to colonize many areas such as the Americas, and parts of Southeast Asia.