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Such moral dilemmas with a conflict between means and ends cannot simply be "solved." Ethical theories that seem to provide clear cut solutions will leave out some aspect of moral life: leave out the dimension of the moral judgment of action, while may deny that consequences are of any concern.

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This course will not provide answers to every ethical dilemma, nor can it advise on every circumstance in which an ethical dilemma arises. Rather we strive to provide clues to help therapists recognize, approach constructively, and reconcile potential ethical predicaments, while at the same time remaining compassionate and attuned to the well-being of those with whom you work.

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The lesson of the dilemmas is about the structure of ethics and of ethical value, which is what in itself is responsible for the dilemmas.

Alert, well-meaning, sensitive, mature, and adequately trained therapists functioning within their bounds of competence will encounter ethical dilemmas that can result in vulnerability to charges of misconduct. Several common conditions that result in confronting an ethical situation are adapted here from Sieber’s (1982) classic scheme.

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Also, while it is common in modern ethics to address dilemmas merely in order to propose theories to resolve them, it must be considered that dilemmas may betray a structure to ethics that means they .

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Even when our lives seem fine, ethical dilemmas can materialize in many ways, often abruptly when we least expect them. Of course, most therapists do not knowingly get themselves tangled up in difficult situations. Some stumble into trouble without recognizing what’s in store down the road. Some give in to temptations that overtake their professional objectivity.

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If you are similar to most of your colleagues, you have already faced at least one ethical dilemma that required a decision and possibly action on your part. (Note that choosing to not make a decision is a decision.) You may not have created the problem, but you may have no choice but to respond. How you react could have significant implications for your reputation and your career.

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Uncertain Resolution
There is no way of knowing what Cassandra will say if she is eventually cured of her cancer. She might be grateful that her life was saved, and thank the doctors and the hospital for involving the courts to force the chemotherapy. Or she might remain resentful, claiming that her autonomous right to refuse medical treatment was violated. But whatever she might say, her judgment in the matter does not resolve the ethical dilemma. She is still legally a minor, but that does not ethically justify the actions of the doctor, the hospital, the child welfare agency and the Connecticut courts. Although reasonable people may disagree on whether a 17-year-old should be forced to undergo medical treatment against her will, we should not condone the brutality involved in placing this young patient in a foster home, sedating her and strapping her down in a hospital bed. The philosopher Immanuel Kant wrote that “whoever wills the end, wills the means.” However, even those who initially support a plan to force treatment on a young patient are morally bound to question the means required to do so.

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The existence of the dilemmas means that there are in fact no "general moral principles," if we mean the principles of the whole system of ethics, that can be applied without conflict.