Muhammad Ali may be known as “The Greatest” athlete to ever live.

Muhammad Ali is a widely known person, not only for being one of the all-time greatest fighters in history, but also for being one of the most prominent and influential persons of the twentieth century....

He later changed his name to Muhammad Ali in 1964 when he joined the Nation of Islam.
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Muhammad Ali is known for being "The Greatest" boxer of all time, but unlike other athletes he is remembered for his out of the ring actions as well as his athletic accomplishments....

Which will alter lead him to become the greatest Muhammad Ali.

One boxer that has captured the hearts of many people over the years is Muhammad Ali.
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He was also very controversial because of his religious beliefs, his name change from Cassius Clay to Muhammed Ali and his refusal to fight in the Vietnam War.

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I have seen his movie and I have seen some of his greatest fights on TV. I’m talking about Muhammad Ali, born in the United States he grew up to be one of the greatest boxer of our time.

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I think you got to be an idol for young people" Ali 1963 It has been said that there are few opportunities in life to prove yourself a man; Muhammad Ali took advantage of every one that came his way, in doing so became loved by not only his countrymen, but also the world, and became immortal in his own time.

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Muhammad Ali won the world heavyweight boxing championship three times. He retired in 1981 and became active in humanitarian causes, including goodwill missions to Afghanistan, North Korea, and Cuba. Ali married childhood friend Lonnie Williams in 1986. He died in 2016.

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Ali photo by John Lair. Photo of Muhammad and Lonnie Ali courtesy . Special thanks to the , an international education center and cultural attraction in Louisville, Ky., that preserves and promotes Ali’s Legacy.

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After ‘The Year of Sorrow’ in which both Muhammad’s uncle- Abu Talib and wife- Kadijah died Muhammad is warned by the angel Gabriel that the situation is getting too dangerous for him in Mecca.