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“The class was fascinating because we were not just writing computer code. We went from the initial design all the way through the different processes and analytics of software engineering to the finished product.”

Specifically this course offers an in-depth study of the systems engineering processes ..

The Carnegie Mellon engineering education is based on engineering and science fundamentals that give students the skills to face new and challenging situations. The first year in engineering provides a broad foundation upon which students build a curriculum in their eventual major. Since students in CIT do not select a major until the end of the first year, all first year students share a common experience consisting of introductory courses in the engineering majors (one each semester), calculus, physics, other science courses which compliment specific introductory engineering courses, and courses in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (General Education). This curriculum helps make an informed decision about a final major. Below is an examples of a standard schedule for a first-year engineering student.

Software engineering processes for Class D missions

“Of the 44 students in my class, more than 20 of them said this project influenced their decision to pursue a major involving engineering ..

Sustainability is a key driver of invention at the University of Arizona. In UA chemical engineering, apply emerging technologies in chemistry, math and physics to design and manufacture better consumer products, increase food production, and produce cleaner water and air. Hands-on experience and interactive classes in environmental, premedical and biomedical focus areas prepare you for success in private industry and with public agencies.

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1. All mathematics (21-xxx) courses required* for the engineering degree taken at Carnegie Mellon must have a minimum grade of C in order to be counted toward the graduation requirement for the BS engineering degree.