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Buried deeply in this class of facts are symbolicimplications that Emerson would continue to work out as he considered thespiritual connections between man and nature, longafter he would ignore the literal facts about water that he relates inthis lecture.

Emerson is nevertheless confidentthat

After showing ways man can use and be taughtby nature, Emerson confronts in "Idealism" a more disturbing (yet alsoexhilarating) implication of nature as the Not Me.

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Emerson's very abstract notions aboutthe metaphorical flow of spirit through man and nature need a more concretetranslation.

Emerson, descendant of a long-continued multi-generational family tradition of service as Christian ministry did not take this step of resignation lightly.

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Oddly enough, personal and cultural gender associations with rivers becomepart of Emerson's understanding of how man--and perhaps also woman--relatesto nature.

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Emersonhimself admitted that he owed much to her influence.

In 1836 Emerson helped to start a group of ideas that becameknown as the Transcendental Club and published, anonymously andat his own expense, "Nature", a slender work which has beendepicted as "the first document of that remarkable outburst ofRomanticism on Puritan ground" and which many see as being not so much as being about Nature as about self-justifying Emerson's decision to resign his appointment as a Christian minister and to embark on a "New Calling."

The opening paragraph reads :-

"Our age is retrospective.

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Emerson did not make it easy for us, for he rarely spoke ofan actual river like the Concord, and even when he did, he avoided thesort of natural facts that would anchor symbolism.

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Emerson defined the soul bydefining nature: "all that is separated from us, all whichPhilosophy distinguishes as the NOT ME, that is, both nature andart, all other men and my own body, must be ranked under thisname, NATURE."

Emerson in his August 1837 lecture "The American Scholar,"which he delivered before the Phi Beta Kappa Society of Harvardcalled for independence, sincerity and realism in Americanintellectual life.

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Creativity & Becoming a Creator
Allowing humans to access divine spirit
that manifests (partially) itself in Nature
Therefore important that humans are open to Nature & its properties
Chapter 8: Prospects
Emerson endorsing Reason as
proper means of discovering
universal laws
Restoring intuitive sense for the significance and purpose of Nature for humans
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