Cartoon violence draws in the children of that age.

Thereis a perfect reason why young children become sexually active at ayoung age. Young children watching such films and shows imitates thebehavior, movements and way of acting by the characters; for example:the eye-rollings, the seducing of men or of women, the hip-swirlingsand the seducing way of moving the body and the seducing way ofwalking, etc.

Domestic violence has adverse effects on individuals, families, and society in general.

Firstly,you will almost always see fornication and adultery or other sexualimpurities and sins of the flesh presented throughout the godlessmedia as the norm to live, along with a rejection of the traditionalway that people lived in before the beginning of 19thcentury. The sexual suggestions and perversions are endless in theseshows. To sit and watch such shows or to allow your children to watchsuch shows is not only insanity but a clear mortal sin.

Influenced by the violence shown on TV, they may tend to harm others.

Secondly,there is a comedic part on almost every show which seems to hold nosin, but when examined closely will be revealed for what it reallyis. For gloating (also called disability humor) which is a mostabominable and uncharitable sin will most certainly be impossible toescape if you watch TV-series! This odious sin of gloating prevailsin every kind of media such as cartoons, films and shows, wherepeople are beating each other or laughing at the different calamitiesor stupidities that another person will experience. Think about howevil this is: to laugh at another person’s calamity or sorrow!Yet, you cannot escape seeing this when you watch TV! Do to others asyou would have them do to you, was one of the commandments of ourLord! (Matthew 7:12) - You would not want someone laughing or makingfun of your calamities and miss-happenings, yet we laugh and approveit when sad things happen to others? Then we have the constant jokesabout the Christian religion with countless of derogatory wordsuttered in a most blasphemous spirit by the media when it tries todepict how utterly stupid, foolish, and out of date it is to be afirm Bible believing Christian. The constant ridicule and mockery ofGod and the Christian religion should be sufficient cause forrejecting this mortally sinful filth entirely! Again, you would notapprove of a show that blasphemed you, a friend, child or wife, yetyou watch shows making a mockery of God and religion which is worthinfinitely more than weak human beings.

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"I think the content ofthese shows is too mature for children," said Zhang Jinlian,director of the Shanghai Children and Juvenile Psychological GuidanceCenter. She said many students like to imitate the actions of thesecartoon kids, causing trouble in the classroom and at home. Zhangwould like to see steps taken to prevent children from reading booksand watching videos and VCDs about Xin San, but the cartoon kid isjust too popular to be avoided.

Effects of TV Violence on Children.

Theresearchers found that output aimed at children as young as seven,which included a number of cartoons, had the highest levels ofviolence. They recorded 26 acts of aggression an hour compared withjust five in shows aimed at general audiences and nine in programmesdeemed unsuitable for under-14s. 'Resultsindicated that there are higher levels of physical aggression inchildren's programmes than in programmes for general audiences,'the study said.”

Violent Media Content and Effects

Youcannot allow your children to watch anything unless you are 100%certain that the film, show or audio, they are viewing, have nothingin it that are against God’s law. Unless you keep thisstandard, you will have your children tormenting you for all eternityin hell since you allowed evil influences and sins to effect them atan early age. You are responsible for their spiritual well being aslong as they live under your roof. This, of course, should make everyparent very nervous. For if you had a real live tiger in yourbedroom, you would never allow your child in there since the animalcould kill them and eat them. The TV, Internet or media is far more dangerousthan a tiger ever will be since it kills the immortal soul of yourprecious child! Yet, most people allow their children to watch TVwithout any supervision. If you say that you cannot supervise theirviewing of media, then throw out the TV and other media appliancesthat they use to access sinful things or prepare yourself to sufferthe eternal consequences in the fire of Hell for your actions!

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