We have lot of examples how IT is effect on globalization.

It was always going to be the case that America would eventually want/have to renegotiate its relationship with the world and the many great powers whose rise we encouraged and accommodated. Eight years ago I published an entire book (Great Powers) that laid out a host of accommodations, deals, renegotiations, compromises, etc. that we'd have to pursue to re-rationalize our relationship with the world and globalization itself - the most obvious being we'd have to get along with, and forge new, more realistic and equitable relationships with New Core powers like China, Russia, Turkey, Iran, and so on. As I have maintained for a couple of decades now, globalization comes with rules - but not a ruler.

As the impact of globalization increased many new concepts and threats also emerged.

- Loss of uniqueness and identity

o Impact on Tourism, employment

o Clothing, Language and Food Cons France Russia Japan India Saudi Arabia Jamaica Technology and Globalization What does Globalization mean to you?

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• The Globalization of the economy has created huge firm closures in Canada especially in manufacturing and forced lower wages on those employed by this sector.

The European Immigration Debate

Abstract. This study aims to present a thorough understanding of the process of globalization and analyze the current effects and changes of globalization on nation state. In accordance with this viewpoint, the concept and the development of globalization, its dimensions, various aspects and actors are addressed, and the relations between globalization and nation state are demonstrated. The second part of the study explains how nation state is affected by the process of globalization, and how the functions of nation state shrink in political and economic sense. This part also reveals the roles of international capital and institutions (as the primary actors of the process of globalization) on the changing functions of nation state. In this part, light is shed on how nation state delegates authority to supra-national and sub-national units, and how independent monetary, fiscal, foreign trade and employment policies face challenges in application due to the weakening of the sovereignty of nation state. The last part handles the effect of the process of globalization on Turkey, and present the fact that Turkey, as a nation state, is influenced by this process in a way that it even threatens Turkey’s power of sovereignty. The last part also shows how Turkey should follow a path in order to avoid any harm caused by the global order and make use of any opportunity appearing under present circumstances.

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The major topic now a day is global security and the positive and negative impact of globalization on the global security in a compact and comprehensive way....

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Globalization is making the world becoming a "global village" and the result is Arab communities cultural traditions are changing and are threaten to be lost .