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It is widely recognized that teacher quality is the central input in school performance. This insight has put human resource and compensation policies, including performance pay, tenure, alternative route recruitment, and mentoring, at center stage in school reform debates. Some school administrators have been innovators and reform leaders in these areas. Administrator associations have sometimes provided support as well. In the area of teacher pension reform, however, it is important to recognize that school administrators reap the largest net benefits from the current system, which has rising costs and clear inefficiencies. Given the powerful incentives that are in place, there is no reason to expect school administrators or their organizations to support reforms that would provide a more modern and mobile retirement system for young educators, like those found in nearly all other professional employment settings. On the issue of pensions, labor and management are on the same side of the bargaining table.

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Figure 1 makes it possible to compare career-cycle pension wealth accrual for a teacher to that for a representative principal and superintendent. Pension wealth is higher and more back-loaded for school leaders because their pay is higher than it is for teachers and, crucially, higher at the end of a career. While it is well understood that the final-average-salary DB plans favor long-term teachers over short-term teachers, what seems to have passed largely unnoticed is that that these plans also inherently favor administrators over teachers. Promoted individuals, who have large late-career salary increases, benefit disproportionately from a formula that determines the value of the annuity based on the highest few years of earnings.

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Headed back to the Bob in July 2018 to do it again, in bigger water, for another payoff! beats the heck outta collecting cookie cutter trails.

The biggest difference between now and then is how people are spending their money. Housing-related debt, which includes first mortgages and home equity loans, has actually decreased by nearly $1 trillion. Today, more of our debt is tied to student loans and auto loans. The increase in student-loan debt helps to explain the decrease in mortgage debt. As millennials graduate from college, large student loan payments are making it harder and harder to save for a down payment on a home.

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Credit card debt is a major issue in America. In fact, the average U.S. household has an , up 6 percent from 2015. If you do find yourself in credit card debt, then you need a solid plan of attack to pay it off as quickly as possible.

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Simply put, teachers deal with a wide range of abilities and behaviors in a typical classroom and they need to teach to students at their level. This can be overwhelming and exciting at the same time! Teachers look to the programs and products you develop to help them differentiate instruction and connect with all their students. Better understanding the day-to-day needs of teachers will help you develop and sell products that will be a big hit with educators.

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For most of U.S. history, the nation has been able to operate schools at low cost by exploiting the trapped labor force of educated women who had few other opportunities. Now schools must compete with other mentally and financially rewarding occupations as they recruit teachers. Surely it is immoral for us to shortchange our schools because we cannot bring ourselves to pay enough to attract good teachers.

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The underpayment of teachers is likely to have important implications for the future of the American economy. The economy’s success during the 20th century was due to many factors, of which the broad sweep of American education was an important one. The United States led the world in spreading education to the masses. The American economy grew consistently during the 20th century because we constantly upgraded the quantity and quality of our human capital. The United States has been successful both politically and economically because people have been able to transcend their origins and reach heights undreamed of in earlier times and other places. Education has been one of the primary paths through which extraordinary individuals have found an outlet for their gifts. We should try our best to preserve this commendable quality of American life.