The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe

The loneliness inspired the Grim, somber darkness that we see in his literary works.
Alone by Edgar Allan Poe
Sorrow (poe, 6)
: Sorrow connotes a deeper sadness than normal.

What is your Personal interpretation/analysis of poe's emotions and thoughts?

If you could ask anything of Edgar Allan Poe about this poem, what would it be?
Review #1
Whose death affected him in his writings?


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Edgar Allan Poe is called the “father of the modern mystery.” You may also enjoy MysteryNet’s profile of .

The "demon" blocks him from the "heavens", which is the world outside of his thoughts that he cannot reach because he isolates himself from the world due to his own misery.


Historical Approach
1800's Tuberculosis outbreak
Caused the death of many people such
as Poe's Mother and wife (Tulloch).

Psychological Approach
Edgar allan poe was emotionally unstable (snyder).