Segregation: 100 Most Economically Segregated ..

In 1957, three years after the Brown decision, nine African American students desegregated Little Rock High School. President Dwight David Eisenhower was forced to call in National Guard troops to protect the nine black students from violent protests.

Racial Segregation in the American South: Jim Crow …

The meeting represents an opportunity to present some of the world’s most powerful people with the stark facts of inequality and its consequences.Our work to fight inequality aims to shine a light on the way extreme wealth is passed down through the generations and how big corporations and billionaires use their immense influence on political leaders to drown out the voices of hardworking people and rig the rules to their advantage. But there are practical, smart reforms that can help reduce inequality here and around the world so people everywhere can prosper.Among those reforms is an increase in the —to $10.10—which would give at least 25 million workers a raise, lift millions of families out of poverty, save taxpayers billions of dollars by decreasing the need for public assistance, and boost the economic recover here.We are also calling for a close on tax loopholes so that countries can fund the basic services that their citizens need, like schools, hospitals, and roads.

Segregated City: The Geography of Economic Segregation …

“We really have to make economic diversity a cornerstone of that plan,” she said at a City Council budget hearing Wednesday.

The City plans to attack economic segregation in its affordable housing plan — placing the poor in middle-class neighborhoods and the more affluent in high-poverty spots.