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Thanks for that reminder that life is all we get. I wasted decades afraid of religion, then of being poor. At 49 I retired with not enough money to get through 6 months. 14 years later life is wonderful. Despite a new disability, I got a chance to start a rock band!, busk as a songwriter in the streets, write songs, poems, rail against tyranny, protest the system, make movies, working on a book, start all over again in love – there is still a lot of learning to do and what great fun. How sweet is the moment.

Hearing permission from different people is reassuring to your dying loved one.

BB’s answer, so far, seems to me the best. We all look back and have regrets, remorses and this can only make us unhappy. We have to accept our flaws, our defects , all the suffering and pain that we may have experienced, but above all, accept ourselves for having tried to do our best, even when we didn’t succeed. Once we accept all this and let go of guilt and remorse then we can focus on the GOOD things of our lives and begin to enjoy them. If we don’t learn to love ourselves, as imperfect human beings that we all are, we can’t love others either. So yes, take responsabilty and start loving yourself and then others will love you too creating joy and happiness inside you. When the time comes for us to leave this life perhaps we can then go in peace.

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We are making a choice about the nature of our dying or the dying of one we love.

Restlessness can also be a sign of spiritual crisis which needs urgent attention, not waiting for the minister or religious person although they could of course be called to attend, but there is no time to lose, one needs to know what the dying person believes or what prayers or meditations practices that they do and also to remind them of the positive things that they have done in their life, remind them of their faith, their heaven or Amitabha pure land, recite these prayers etc for them and whether the person has religious belief or no faith, he or she can be encouraged to generate universal love and to feel and be that love (forgiving oneself and all others and to generate love and good-will for all without exception). Universal Love replaces fear with calm and confidence.

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Thank you so much for sharing such insights… I do hope that when my time or any of my loved ones time comes that we’re able to do be at peace with ourselves…to be able to live life to the fullest…to say I LOVE YOU to everyone dear to our hearts. And, most ask forgiveness to anyone we’ve ever hurt in the process…Reading these words by the author made me realize how lucky we still are to have good health. God bless everyone 🙂

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My father was a rich man he would have given everything to have cured his cancer, I am certain that you must live your life in your own way, and try to live with truth, love and generosity, you will never be remembered for what you leave, only for how you lived

There comes a time to say good-bye

Religion is not a “crutch!” Yes, some people do terrible things in the name of religion, but true believers are more loving, caring, grateful and peaceful, especially at the end of their lives.

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This is fabulous. I’d love to be able to share this with my low-motivation groups (charity organised) with full credit to you of course. Heart-warming and thought provoking for them, especially in todays world 🙂 Thank you

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O my pitiful Lord, You will remember that my dearest and most precious possession is already in Your safe keeping, and that You have long since taught me, by a sorrowful experience, to measure earth's losses — by Heaven's gain! Yes, Lord, I can bless You that You have but removed my treasure into Your own treasury, and gathered my priceless jewel into Your own regalia. "Of Your own — have I given You" when resigning into Your arms that most dearly-beloved one who is now with You in the glory.