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Owned by the founders of KWIK SAVE supermarkets and originally a horse trotting and Greyhound track - stillthere as part of the road network at the PONTINS Point of Ayr holiday campwhere the staticchallets are lined up on the centre green of a large slightly cambered ovalwhich shows up very well on When operating, the track had onecurious feature : The lights all went out as soon as the winner crossed theline, a throwback to when the dogs ran and needed to be put off chasing theelectric hare!

The autobiography of Zora Neale Hurston.

No less a famous name than Bernie Ecclestone raced there ! Now an industrial estate and a car sales, "Trade Centre Wales" ,appropriatelyownedby a serious carcollector.

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In the back of my mind I am seeing thatthere may have been greyhoundracing there at one time.
As a kid I remember there was a stock car and speedway track out there,butnobody seems to have a photo.I do seem to recall that it was at one time arefuse tip (we had to ventilate the site when developing to allow methane toescape), and there was a giant crater there (well to a kid it did seemgigantic), which kids would ride their bikes up the side of....I can rememberlooking down onto the track from a road, which would be on the North/North Eastside, where there is a railway line, as this is a higher level."
Speedway run there in 1962 only ( see) but that didn't draw much of a crowd and thepromotor (Trevor Redmond) moved his team to St Austel, Cornwall.


West of the town was a greyhound track and I've been told it did runstock cars at some point - maybe in the pioneering days - but the site is nowan industrial estate although the results tower is curiously still in place!

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Recent work at the airfield has obliteratedthe exact site which is now part of an industrial estate that uses some of theoriginal WW2 buildings. There is a book on KENT AIRFIELDS IN THEBATTLE OF BRITAIN which shows Detling in 1979 with the track very clearlyvisible on page 76.

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At locations where there have been scientific studies that I can find, the melting season does not begin until May and continues though June. However, most of these locations are above 4000 ft. Linked above is the most relevant resource that I have been able to find. I have not studied it in depth, but some kind of extrapolation to our conditions at 2600 ft. will be necessary. I have looked at where they do this in other parts of the world too and the math is insane. There are so many variables. Stevens Pass is our nearest available and most relevant study. Our meltdown would likely begin sooner and progress at slightly higher rates than what you'll see here for Stevens Pass. Since we're measuring from now after a first look at the remaining snow, let's assume the melting is already under way. What matters now is how far we still have to go until we can push through what is left. From an assumed best case of 6 ft. remaining now until a first chained-up, drive-through depth for some vehicles of 12 inches, we have 5 ft. (maybe more) to go...

60" at 1.5"/day = 40 days = June 5th (not in time for Memorial Day weekend). Obviously, that could slip one way or the other for any of several reasons. The snow may be deeper than that now. It may melt faster, or slower. I used a number just slightly higher than the average melt rate reported for the several higher locations studied. Oddly though, Stevens typically has a slower meltdown than some locations which are at higher elevations. If someone beats some tracks down up there with some kind of a man-truck, then what's left in the tracks will be what's left of the problem. Now we'll just have to wait and see how it turns out. If I get more news from anyone who makes it to the top of the pass again later, I will post an update. If there is no news yet by mid-May, I will go up there one way or another from the inside to see how it looks and report back.

Would one of my PhD qualified, record-keeping friends like to contribute to this study? I suppose we should have been paying more attention during previous years, but for one reason or another, we have had plowing assistance until now. I am not aware of any such intentions for this year. It seems that we have at least five years to go on this route. Maybe we can have this all figured out and recorded for future use by the time it doesn't matter any more.

The route is thought to be clear except for the snow. There are no slides or avalanche sites, visible trees down or obvious rock problems in the road. It is not that clean in the valley. There is still a lot of road clearing to be done. What we did for the snowmobiles was only that wide, and we were sledding over a lot of trees that are now exposed. Some that did not yet fall are a hazard, still leaning precariously.

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On you can make it out as the square patch of bare land below thealthetics track and cricket ground , sandwiched between the motorway and thetrees Pity they hadn't moved the road a few yards to the east instead!